Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Functional Occult Knowledge Part 17 Age of Confusion

Functional Occult Knowledge
Part 17
Age of Confusion

We are now between two great cycles. We are in a transition period. The Age of Pisces is dying and taking all of its structures which have been built over the last 2000 years with it.

The Age of Aquarius is being birthed. The structures we are to use for the next 2000 years have yet to be manifested and formed out of the mind of God (Quantum Ocean.)

We have two very powerful tools out of the Age of Aquarius at our disposal now. They are the Internet, with it's ever increasing volumes of information. And the Law of Quantum Physics, which gives us the tools to create a better reality for ourselves.

It is very important now that you build yourself a good, strong foundation. Or else the winds of chance will blow you away. Build a strong foundation based on Cosmic principles. This
will help you endure and survive these difficult times known as the "Wolf - Age" and the age of "Kali -Yoga!"

My teacher, I.F. used to tell me to drive the tent peg of cosmic principles deep into the ground (like they do with a circus tent), tie one of my legs to it and prepare for the winds of Chaos.

The Age of Aquarius that we have just entered into is an Age of Science or energy. Words and definitions are only verbal levels. They are labels and must be used carefully.

The truth of any person is their individual energy field. Not what you choose to name them or "label" them.

Your energy field, especially your emotional psychic nature, constantly sends out signals.

These emotional signals attract people, places and events to you.

In this "Wolf Age," you must get control of your emotional (psychic nature) or you will attract wolves, which are predators, and you do not really want.

To fully understand the ancient wisdom teachings you must understand that the Gods speak to us with symbols and allegories. Man uses words. Allegory and symbols are the keys to ancient writings.

The Age of Aquarius which has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics will soon make all these allegories and symbols clear so that we can understand them.

But we have only just entered the Age of Aquarius, for the past 50 years. We have 1950 years to go. So it will take time.

The mind of God is unknowable to man except through the motions, actions and consciousness of his particular manifestations. What part of God are you manifesting Look around yourself. The mind of God is composed of the motions and actions of your own consciousness.

The overall process of evolution is this mind of God - Universe - Galaxies - Solar Systems - our Sun - our Earth and you in that order.

You and everyone else is integrated and affected by the overall process.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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