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Functional Occult Knowledge For the Spiritual Path - Life Force

Functional Knowledge For The Spiritual Path

There are two kinds of knowledge available to us. Functional and decorative. Decorative knowledge may be cute and fun, but it has no functional purpose in our lives.

If life on this planet is meant to evolve, then we should gather knowledge that is functional towards that goal.

There is only one great path to spiritual realization (knowledge of God.) That path is wide and an be walked by a variety of seekers; seeking individualization.

Decorative knowledge comes in the forms of wanting to know if there is life on Mars; how many angels you can find on the head of pin; the names of Ascended Masters; when will the aliens land and present themselves?

All this is fun. But it has no functional purpose. You can't use it to continue the process of "knowing ones self;" of going within, on individualizing; of understanding the energies within yourself. As they say in the ancient books "Doing your own Great Work!"

Most decorative knowledge is the projecting of oneself into the objective world, of following other people's abstractions about reality.

Find and study your "own" reality it is not out there but within.

Functional knowledge is knowledge you can use every day to help you grow and evolve.

Astrology, tarot, runes, meditation are functional tools you can use on your path to self realization.

This article will present you with some functional knowledge and thoughts that you can use. Contemplate on their meaning in your life.

Energy, life force, comes into us in a perfect state, buy by reason of our erroneous thinking it becomes obstructed and blocked in some part of our body, and the result is what we call dis-ease.

You are an energy being living, moving and having your state of being within an infinite being of energy we call God. We now call the "mind of God" the Quantum Ocean.

*Dis-ease and even accidents are attributed to our faulty thinking. Thoughts are things.

*When the life-force enters our bodies it vibrates differently in each of our organs. To stay healthy we must insure that all parts of our body are vibrating correctly.

*We are receiving and transmitting stations for the life-force, prana.

*When the life-force passes through an organ, gland or tissue, it goes out from the body and around the world at enormous speed.

*According to the ancients, life-force (prana) travels at a rate of 345,000 miles per second. That is 1.85 times faster than light.

*This life-force (prana) energy is passing and returning to the body at all times.

*Your drops of blood (which are in fact crystals) are always in resonance with the energies of your body. To put your blood in another body can have dangerous effects on you and the other. (Such as in transfusions.)

*In these modern times, everything is being speeded up and man is sending out chaotic energies into the Ethers (mind of God, Quantum Ocean.)

*Our brains and body structure is being bombarded with sounds and forces that were hitherto unknown.

* TVs, microwave ovens, Cell-phones, ELF and HARP towers, computers all emit harmful energies.

*It is now necessary for us to learn how to speed up the vibrations of our bodies or else be shattered.

* We need to build within our selves step-down transformers to handle the sped up energies.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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