Friday, December 7, 2007

Functional Occult Knowledge Part 9

Functional Knowledge
For the Spiritual Path
Part 9

The magic of the Age of Aquarius changed everything. Before in the Age of Pisces we read what the ancients wrote and believed it, but we did not experience what it was that they spoke about.

Their writings were couched in mystery, secrecy, metaphors and we needed a Key to fully understand what it was that they were trying to tell us.

Now that the Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics, anyone can go back and re-read the ancient texts with a better understanding.

The fear that the ancients felt about giving secrets to those who would abuse them----, well our mad scientists are doing it any way with their hidden agenda experiments. Einstein did it when he gave the unprepared world atomic power.

And, besides, the spiritually, unwashed masses of unconscious humanity will still prefer to drink beer, watch sports on TV, and go to dirty, dancing clubs. These are the "opiates" of the masses! They have no time for searching out spiritual wisdom.

Let's look at some of the easier ancient writings and see if we can indeed put them into the language of Quantum Physics.

No where is there a place outside the Mind of God!

The true Quantum Ocean IS the mind of God, and it is an infinite ocean of intelligent energy that contains the all.

Be silent and well satisfied with what so ever befalls you or comes to pass in the world around you. The Buddist philosophy tell us, "When something has happened, do not talk about it. It is hard to collect spilled water!"

Don't complain. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that you created your own life, your own reality. Accept it. Do not objectives it to others and don't play the part of the victim. You unconsciously used the Laws of Quantum Physics. (Thoughts are things!) and created everything around you. If you do not like it, use the Laws of Quantum Physics (Thoughts are things) to recreate it.

Know and study the unseen vital forces of Nature.

Napoleon once said, "The unseen forces on the battlefield are ten to one!"

The Quantum Ocean is an unseen, unmanifested infinite ocean of thinking, creative energy. Everything you see in the physical world has manifested from an unseen blueprint in the unseen world. by studying the forces of Nature, you will get a better understanding of the manifesting of blueprints form the Quantum Ocean.

Did you know that human emotions on the physical plane effect the energies of the Quantum Ocean in such a way as to affect the weather?

Did you know that the affects of too many negative emotions, emanated by people in any area of town, city or country causes the Quantum Ocean to manifest from the blueprint called accidents, and disasters such as floods, fires, volcanic eruptions etc, will be physically manifested in these areas.

There is no chaos! Rule of chance nor mere probability, only an ordered energy at work!

True, all is under Law. the Quantum Ocean where all exists is under exact laws. All creation is under exact laws.

You have yourself the seed of all creation.

The Laws of Quantum Physics and the Quantum Ocean are available to all who can "THINK!"

What you have become, you have made yourself by your Soul's past thoughts and actions, it's inner and outer Karma. What you will be, you can make yourself by your present and future thoughts and actions.

You created your present reality by past thoughts and will create your future with your present thoughts.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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