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Functional Occult Knowledge Part 10

Functional Knowledge
For the Spiritual Path
Part 10

Many of the teachings speak about personality and the real self. Personality comes from the word persona which means mask.

How can we equate the words personality and real self using the 21st century Laws of Quantum Physics?

Your personality is the way you allow the world around you to perceive you. It is not permanent,I am sorry to tell you that, unfortunately, over 75% of it is false personality.

It consists of the thoughts, ideas,and emotions that you have picked up or copied from your parents, grand parents, teachers, religious leaders and peers.

Each facet of your personality can be called a little "I" that exists in your inner subjective world. And, you let it out to play in the physical world around you for others to see. But it is fleeting.

Your Soul, however, your REAL SELF, or higher self, is the permanent part of yourself. It is the part that "blinks" in and out of the Quantum Ocean every time you incarnate on to the physical planet.

Your personality, or MASK, are energies inside of you powered by energies within the Quantum Ocean that are man-made blueprints and not Divine blueprints.

A personality of shyness, vanity, greediness, being personable, etc. are man made blueprints. Many of the traits in your personality keep you from achieving your supreme work in life.. To Awaken and raise your level of Consciousness.

Your Soul, or higher self, or the real essence that is you, is connected to the Divine blueprints withing the Quantum Ocean.

Creativity, patience, persistence, fearlessness, worthiness, individualism etc., are all energies that you can use to evolve and energies that you can attach to your permanent atom to bring back with you in your next incarnation.

The great teachings tell us that a great cleansing of yourself, a separation from personality,is required. And in a great many cases "Pride goeth before the fall!"

All it means is that you carry energies about with you in your Aura. Your Aura attracts life to you. There is a connection between the Quantum Ocean and the personality energies in your Aura.

If you do not cleanse the personality energies in your Aura, the power source of the Quantum Ocean will remain opened.

Unless you overcome your personality and the false "I's" it presents to the world, you can not evolve.

My teacher I.F. used to call the false I's in your personality "PPP's, or pressure points form the past (Mom, Dad, priest, teachers, peers etc,)

Some PPP's or false "I's" are so strong that they can literally control and destroy all the good works you intend to do.

One of the main problems in allowing your personality to run you is that it attracts the energies of accidents out the Quantum Ocean.

These accidents that people living in the false personality, their negative "I's", their PPP's is a God self. It is sent to awaken them to what thy are doing and to set their feet on the correct path again. An accident is a person trying to save their higher self from their negative "I's.

When you clean up your act and allow your soul, higher self, essence to run your life, then you fall under the Law of Fate.

Now whatever happens to you helps you to grow. Hopefully, with opening yourself up to Divine guidance, the unexpected accident will be no more.

Fate exists. But not for everyone! It is only for those who have earned it! Fate is a magical path to the HIGHER!

My teacher used to say "Magic is the price that has been paid!"

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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